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Preparing Bill Acceptor to accept 2014 Canada New Series Polymer Banknotes

November 16, 2013

Due to the new designed of the new Canadian polymer banknotes, all bill acceptors in the field will need to complete the sensor calibration.

Following instructions will give detail information about the download and the calibration procedures, which is required within recent software amendments.




BL Series Update Discontinuation

September 13, 2013

International Currency Technologies will officially discontinue all updates on BL series bill acceptors beginning December 31, 2014. The P series or L series can be used as a drop-in replacement for BL series units in most applications. Originally released in the mid 1990's the BL series bill acceptor has been installed in hundreds of thousands of machines across the globe and has proven to be a reliable, low cost bill acceptor solution for nearly two decades. The advance of technology over the last decade has, however, made many of the components used in the manufacture of this long running unit obsolete and thereby difficult to acquire. Newer units from the P series and L series enable significant increases in security and reliability for only a nominally higher price. We would like to take this opportunity to offer our gratitude to the tens of thousands of operators and manufacturers who have made the a BL series validator their bill acceptor of choice over the years and reassure you that ICT will continue to offer superior service repairing mechanical issues for as long as parts remain available. We encourage all of our valued partners who have not already done so to evaluate our P and L series units as replacements. We are confident that you will find that these units more secure, reliable, and user friendly requiring less maintenance and preventing downtime.

Notice of Discontinuation

Product: Push Button Style Main Base
Part Number: A2233A00


From left to right: slide button style, push button style

Dear Customer,

        Item A2233A00 (push button style main base) will be discontinued effective immediately. A limited amount of this item remains. Once the stock is depleted, no new production orders can be made for this item.. When that happens if the main base is broken, the bill acceptor will have to be upgraded to the newer slide style main base.
This changes the cashbox as well as the main base. To help offset the cost to you when this happens will be offering a package deal that combines the new style main base with the new style cashbox. On your RMA paperwork this will be referred to as:

Main Base Upgrade
Cost: $60 for parts (As of 9/14/2010, the price of the parts is $77.)

We hope that this helps ease the transition for you.


ICT RMA Department


International Currency Technologies.